Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Watching Sugar Pop

Kierra had the great honor of babysitting the Kindergarten class guinea pig over the summer.  She loved playing with him (Sugar Pop) her whole Kindergarten year, so when summer vacation time came, her teacher asked me if Kikki could take him home over the summer and babysit him.  We agreed, hoping our cat wouldn't eat him for a midnight snack.

We found that Sugar Pop has a fun personality, and loves to be held.  He loves to eat carrots and celery.  We learned to wrap him in a towel before holding him.  Did you know that guinea pigs cannot be potty-trained?  Yep...we do now!  In fact, it seems to be a sign of affection for him to pee on your lap!  He loved to be hand fed celery and then stretch out on your lap and fall asleep.  Even Treyton and Brenlon enjoyed having Sugar Pop around, and thought he was "awesome" and "cool".

Summer came to an end, and we took Sugar Pop back to school. 
We all enjoyed having him in our home, and go to the Kindergarten room now and then to say hello to Sugar Pop.

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